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Are you interested in a growing company, a growing field, and pushing yourself to learn more, be better every day, and be a part of a dynamic team... then submit your resume to join our growing list of partners and consultants? We strive to push the envelope using research and science to develop best practices. Our goal and our enjoyment comes from making our clients the best at what they do, because we believe every organizations best asset, above all, is their talent. 

Mackenzie Eason is a client centered Executive Search and Talent Management firm, bringing a modern perspective to the traditional search model.

Culture, Core Values, and Vision are the foundation of all our searches. We know the importance of culture and finding the right candidate that will be a long-term fit. We know the best talent in the wrong environment or culture will fail. This is why Executive Search is no longer just about finding talent, but finding the Best Talent that fits within a company’s Unique Culture. We partner with our clients to thoroughly understand their culture and organizational vision from the onset of the engagement, tailoring the search to identify candidates that will fit seamlessly into an organization and further ensure long-term success. We know clients rely on us for our extensive network, unparalleled industry knowledge and proven results — but we also know that fully understanding individual client needs and cultivating client relationships elevates the level of service we bring to each engagement.

We know that the talent pool within an organization is continually evolving and that Strategic Planning and Evaluation of that talent pool is key. We go beyond other executive search firms, offering our clients Talent Management services including Talent Acquisition Consulting, Talent Management Development, and Organizational and Succession Planning, all of which are designed to create greater organizational efficiency and optimize success for every employee.

Our Core Values

  • Fit

  • Transparency

  • Constantly Improve

  • Win for the client

  • No Ego

  1. Select the right candidate and cultural fit for each client which leads to transformational and organizational change.

  2. Full disclosure and transparency at all times and open communication with clients and candidates.

  3. Inviting feedback from both clients and candidates allows us to continually improve our methods and implement best practices.

  4. Winning the war for Talent through each engagement to move the needle in our clients organization.

  5. Putting clients first is always our priority. Taking our Ego out of the equation is best for both client and candidates. 

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